Alexandre Vasiliev

High Assembly of Alexandre Vasiliev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I am glad to welcome you and to inform you of the new project Lilies of Alexandre Vasiliev. In spring 2011 I will present to you my Collection of World’s Best Interiors.

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You will have a chance to meet exquisite, stylish and harmonious places the atmosphere of which is full of history and unique individuality.

You will learn about the places which deserve the attention of connoisseurs of beauty – about hotels, restaurants, museums, private castles, antique shops in France, England, Italy, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey and other countries.

I will personally award each such place with a Lily of Alexandre Vasiliev as a sign that this place is a fine example of aesthetics and refinement.

The collection will be constantly enlarged, I will talk about it myself, it will be covered in the press and these places will be open for visiting. For this very reason I decided to launch the project Lilies of Alexandre Vasiliev.

I hope you will use my recommendations and, having visited my favourite places you will share the same bright emotions caused by their beauty which I,

your Alexandre Vasiliev, felt myself!